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We are the Dead Beat Film Society. Every meeting someone picks an important film. We all watch the film then meet back up to discuss it. Along with a discussion of why the film is important, we analyze the film making, acting, directing, and discuss our personal thoughts and opinions.
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Feb 5, 2020

We're hosting our first ever LIVE film event! With wine! Come hangout with us at a very special screening of the 90's classic CLUELESS (1995) on Saturday March 28th at 7pm! There will be wine!

We'll be doing a live discussion of the film before the screening and giving away prizes all night! Wine! This is a super special one time only event and will not be recorded! Tickets are $30 and includes wine and gourmet popcorn! Did I mention there will be wine?

SESSIONS | Clueless with Dead Beat Film Society Podcast

March 28th, 2020
6:30pm Doors open to reception in Wine Shop | 7:00pm Podcast & Screening to start
Seattle Podcast, Dead Beat Film Society, will be hosting a screening of cult classic film, Clueless!
Enjoy a live podcast with games and prizes prior to screening. Come early to meet the podcast hosts, Kevin and Emily, and take photos with our Clueless themed photo booth. Your best Cher approved 90s attire is welcome and encouraged! Popcorn, cheese, and wine available to purchase before and during the event. $30 per person (Ticket price includes ticket, wine tasting and gourmet popcorn). Attendees must be 21 and over, please.

Go to the website of Chateau Ste Michelle to purchase tickets now:

See you there! With wine!

Feb 3, 2020

We got a new jack podcast for a new jack city!
Join the DBFS as we discuss the crack epidemic, Ice-T as a cop but also cop hater(?), Wesley Snipes, Mario Van Peebles and the legacy of his father, blaxploitation, gangs, drugs, psychopaths, new jack swing music, dookie rope chains, playing basketball in zoot suit pants, our favorite shots in the film, Chris Rock's acting ability, Nino Brown and Gee Money, Tha Carter, cash money, the 80's and early 90's, using the Uno reverse card as testimony in court, and try to understand why the guy from The Breakfast Club is even in this movie with an in depth New Jack City film analysis!

(Special Guest: The Peoples Critic Tim Hall)
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Jan 20, 2020

Taking it to the streets!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss the daily lives of street kids, homelessness causes and cures, Tiny, Rat, Shadow, Dewayne, Lulu and the gang, the photographs of Mary Ellen Mark, cinema verite, different types of documentaries, downtown Seattle, the 1980's, dealing with parents, living poor, the fine line between exposure and exploitation, and Kevin goes on another rant about taxing the rich with an in depth Streetwise film analysis!

(Special Guest: SeattleThen)
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Jan 6, 2020

Tonight we're gonna podcast tonight!
Join the DBFS as we talk the origins of the Mockumentary, Christopher Guest, heavy metal, getting lost backstage, our favorite jokes and gags, The Office, Meathead, song quality, big bottoms, getting stuck in a pod, Stonehenge, playing a guitar with a violin, working on a sex farm, hell hole, deleted scenes, improv, creating a new Best Cameo category for the Academy Awards, spontaneous combustion, bizarre gardening accidents, and choking on someone else's vomit.
Crank the volume to 11 and smash that play button for an in depth This Is Spinal Tap film analysis!

(Special Guest: Marco Lowe)
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Dec 23, 2019

Ho, Ho, Ho Dead Beats!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society for a very special holiday episode discussing our old nemesis Jimmy Stewart, Frank Capra's Jimmy the crow, angels, suicide, the racist caricatures, drunk driving, how great Pottersville looks, Make Bedford Falls Great Again, poisoning kids, robbing the Library of Congress, Papa John, Joe Biden, how unrelatable the 1940's is, and we calculate the actual amount of Christmas in popular Christmas movies.
Don your nightcap and pour another mug of mulled wine for an in depth It's A Wonderful Life film analysis!
(Special Guest: Matt the Producer)


Dec 9, 2019

Obey, Consume, Listen To This Podcast!
Join the DBFS as we run outta bubblegum talking John Carpenter, Rowdy Roddy Piper, the homo-erotic undertones, Obey, Shepard Fairey, alien design, 80's consumerism, Reaganomics, how the conservatives took over the country, how the liberal left wastes time and fails to organize, Rayban sunglasses, reverse Wizard of Oz, the longest fight scene in film history, B-movies, cheezy sci-fi, WWF and Wrestlemania, and Jordan Peele please call us about a remake!
Years in the making, we're finally doing an in depth They Live film analysis!

(Special Guest: Samborghini)
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Nov 25, 2019

Another world, another time, in the age of podcasts!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we chat about puppets, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, fantasy worlds, potato people, Fraggle Rock, favorite childhood movies, the fantasy creature boom of the 80's, the new Netflix prequel, world building, the duality of our world and living in balance, Brian Froud fantasy illustrations, our favorite creatures in the world of Thra, Gelflings, Skeksis, the three body problem and tattoo talk!
The time has come for an in depth The Dark Crystal film analysis!

(Special Guest: Megon Shoreclay)
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Nov 11, 2019

AVDBFS: Alien vs. Dead Beat Film Society!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we talk Ridley Scott's world building, H.R. Giger's genius xenomorph designs, Sigourney Weaver as the strong female lead, K-Y jelly, the influence of 2001 and Star Wars, the Predator crossover, Jodorowsky's Dune, truckers in space, the facehugger and the chestburster, the cat, corporations screwing over the working man, Planet of the Vampires, and discuss the plot of our bottom of the ocean horror film.
Smash that play button for an in depth Alien film analysis!

(Special Guest: Sebastian Mazuera)
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Oct 28, 2019

Spooky Season is here Dead Beats!
Join the DBFS as we discuss two films, Dario Argento, Luca Guadagnino, witchcraft, covens, the three mothers, what makes a horror movie, just how much gore Emily can handle, the neon lighting and bright colors, feminism, female centric films and the men who make them, Catholicism, the occult, giallo, Tilda Swinton, remaking a classic, mansplaining, the importance of 3's, Goblin, Thom Yorke, Baader-Meinhof, and the Id, Ego, and Super Ego.
Sacrifice a man for an in depth Suspiria film analysis!

(Special Guest: Amie Simon)
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Oct 14, 2019

Dead Beats Forever, Forever Dead Beats!
Join the DBFS as we talk motorcycles, Peter Fonda is a poser, Dennis Hopper is the real deal, Jack Nicholson chewing up the scenery, indie film, New Hollywood, what a chopper actually is, bad acid trips in graveyards, Sons Of Anarchy, connecting with middle america, authenticity, outlaws, how to wave to another rider, the way men connect emotionally, the brotherhood of motorcycle riders, code of the road, finding freedom, hippies, the 60's, antiheroes, Toni Basil, and of course Wild Hogs.
Get your motor runnin' for an in depth Easy Rider film analysis!

(Special Guest: Duffyleg)
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Sep 30, 2019

Talking science from the show floor at RenCon 2019!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society for a first ever live recording at RenCon 2019 talking Stanley Kubrick, how gravity really works, the monolith, the Starchild, tortillas in space, the inaccuracy of the caveman/hominid section, the sad death of HAL, faking the moon landing, a drug addicted mime, the existence of aliens, David Bowie, the lack of women in the film vs. real life diversity of NASA, and more space knowledge being dropped than you can imagine!
Smash that play button for an in depth 2001: A Space Odyssey film analysis!

(Special Guest: Steven C. Smith of NASA)
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Sep 16, 2019

Yee- and I cannot stress this enough -Haw!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we continue to celebrate our 3rd anniversary discussing Kevin's favorite film diving into topics like Paul Newman's beautiful blue eyes and affable demeanor, Robert Redford's perfect hair and mustache, the strength of Katherine Ross's Etta, riding a bicycle with your best friends gal, Burt Bacharach, the state of the world in 1969, our love of antiheroes, the rare onscreen tenderness of male friendship, western movies as a religious experience, the legacy of buddy movies, and other cowboy stuff with an in depth Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid film analysis!

(Special Guest: Mike Giacolino/HYWAYS)
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Sep 2, 2019

It's our Leather Anniversary (Happy 3rd Birthday Dead Beat Film Society)!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary discussing Emily's favorite film covering topics like those awkward teenage years, hating your mom, loving your mom, private school uniforms, Saoirse Ronan's american accent, the filmmaking genius of Greta Gerwig, Sacramento pretty much sucks, upper vs. lower class, that swoop front haircut boys had, the connection to Frances Ha, the sad musical teacher, teenage angst, high school drama, and choose new names for ourselves.
So hit that play button for an in depth Lady Bird film analysis!

(Special Guest: Feminists Without Mystique)
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Aug 19, 2019

You're a podcast Harry!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss the fantastic world of Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasley, JK Rowling and her revisionist edits, the audiobook narrator that won a grammy and guinness world record and the other narrator that hates words, which film is the worst in the series, John Williams score, dated special effects, doing fun stuff with your friends, cosplay, Pottermore drama, Ravenclaw is for nerds, Gryffindor is for arrogant jerks, Slytherin ain't that bad, and Hufflepuff is for killers apparently?
So grab your wand and wingardium leviosa for an in depth Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone film analysis!
(Special Guest: It's For A Thing)
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Aug 5, 2019

Podcast me like one of your french girls!
Join the DBFS as we talk all things 1997 including, teen heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, James Cameron's ability to do all the jobs, the classic 2 tape VHS box, sniffing cigars, the age old debate on whether the door could've held Jack and Rose, the various reactions to imminent death, the practical effects vs. the CGI effects, old timey car sex, why so many Irish people, the Titanic's Seattle connection, a possible sequel (to the actual ship not the movie!) and discuss just how safe modern cruise ships really are.
So listen now (women and children first) for an in depth Titanic film analysis!
(Special Guest: The Suspense Is Killing Us Podcast)
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Jul 22, 2019

It's our super sexy 69th episode! Nice!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss one of the worst films ever made, the infamous 2 million dollar napkin script, cocaine is a helluva drug, cult film, the godawful acting of Elizabeth Berkley (Brinkley?), America's problem with sex, Gina Gershon, full body nudity (ladies only), underwater blowjobs, that guy from Twin Peaks, cast a remake with other Saved By The Bell actors, the ways in which this might actually be a feminist film, and the ways in which this is most definitely not a feminist film.
So throw on your favorite Ver-say-ce dress and smash that play button for an in depth Showgirls film analysis!
(Special Guest: Gayish Podcast)
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Jul 8, 2019

So it's just a pile of vegetables?
Join the DBFS as we dish on the food that would transport us back to childhood, Pixar, argue for and against rats, the confusing mechanics of controlling a ginger, cooking, working in kitchens, being a foodie, a lot of stealing discussion for some reason, debate whether ratatouille is actually a good food, food critics, Yelp, the crazy Brazilian ripoff, the legend of the Costco wine for kids, how racist the depiction of the head chef is, and recast with different celebrity chefs.
So cook up an apatite for an in depth Ratatouille film analysis!
(Special Guest: Seattle Foodie Podcast)
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Jun 24, 2019

Ree Ree Ree Ree (Psycho music)!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we talk about Janet Leigh as the icy blonde, the MacGuffin, the charming sociopath Norman Bates, roadside motels, censorship, Hitchcock's despicable legacy of controlling and breaking down actresses, the 4 Psycho sequels in order from decent to unwatchable, that terrible exposition scene, the birth of modern movie marketing, subverting expectations, and the famous shower scene as we dive into an in depth Psycho film analysis!

(Special Guest: Three Imaginary Girls/SIFF)
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Jun 10, 2019

Help me I'm poor!
Join the DBFS as we discuss that time in life when all your friends are getting married, comedy for women, dick and fart jokes, Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, how many puppies we could manage, possible sequel ideas, sex faux pas, the differences between this and The Hangover, how friendships change at different stages of life, and of course we relate all our favorite quotes.
So grab a hunk of brazilian meat and smash that play button for an in depth Bridesmaids film analysis!

(Special Guest: Single In Seattle Podcast)
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May 27, 2019

You're what the French call 'Les Incompetents'!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss the quintessential French New Wave film, Jean Luc Godard, existentialism, killing cops, punk and DIY ethics, how being an iconoclast gets bought and sold to the masses, through being cool, Steely Dan, the effect film has on music, what it's like to eat frog legs and snails, needy men, finding happiness within, the effortless cool of french life, the birth of indie film making, and the effects this had on your favorite directors.
So throw on a beret and hit play for an in depth Breathless film analysis!
(Special Guest: Dylan Ross)

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May 13, 2019

The filth and the fury!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss John Waters, Divine, the filthiest people alive, eggs, art school, abject art, kitsch, Dreamlanders, eggs, the history of the midnight movie, connecting with fans, drag queens, eating dog poop, chicken sex, eggs, transgressive film, queer cinema, the bizarre comedy legacy, cult film, eggs, the possible sequel Flamingos Forever, our favorite's in the John Waters film catalog, and rate the top 7 filthiest scenes!
Smash that play button for an in depth Pink Flamingos film analysis!
(Special Guest: Americano)


Apr 29, 2019

We're not even supposed to be here today we're playing hockey at 2!
Join the DBFS as we discuss Kevin Smith, the View Askewverse, working crappy jobs, dealing with the public, Generation X, slacker culture, grunge, 37, blowjobs over sex, snowballing, street hockey in the 90's, berzerker, our favorite quotes and scenes and those we wished they'd taken out, the shocking original ending, an asian design major or an asian design major?, authenticity, the amazing true story of this movie's creation, Jay and Silent Bob, and briefly review all the follow up films.
So throw on a size XXXL hockey jersey and trenchcoat then hit play for an in depth Clerks film analysis!

(Special Guest: Seattle's Worst Podcast)
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Apr 15, 2019

Roses are red, Harambe's in heaven...
Join the DBFS as we discuss George W Bush, Michael Moore, September 11th, the war on terror, Iraq, Afghanistan, idiot presidents, the difference between a documentary and a movie, FOX News, Breitbart, history repeating, the similarities between Dubya and Trump, getting radicalized, voting, American democracy, Bush did 9/11, Florida Man, and don't get fooled again for an in depth Fahrenheit 9/11 film analysis!

(Special Guest: Roommate Andrew Lawrence)
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Apr 1, 2019

Remember kids: It's better to be a fake somebody, than a real nobody!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss Matt Damon in tiny yellow shorts, Jude Law in a porkpie hat, Cate Blanchett, pre-Goop Gwyneth Paltrow, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, disassociated psychopaths, rich kids, Italy, the 1950’s, jazz, telling lies, unrequited love, homosexual subtext becoming actual text, the 5 books in this series and what a sequel to this film looks like, the brilliant storytelling of Anthony Minghella, the failed logic of murdering to cover up a murder, upper and lower class, making new friends, a modern day Hitchcock, and the fragile male ego.
So smash that play button for an in depth The Talented Mr. Ripley film analysis!
(Special Guest: Alan Danilo)


Mar 18, 2019

More like Citizen Dick!
Join the DBFS as we discuss the greatest film that ever filmed in all of film history, how Orson Welles thought he would look as an old man versus how fat he was when he actually got old, William Randolph Hearst, some understanding of cinematography, a healthy dose of politics, populism, rich playboys, the newspaper business, nostalgia and the loss of childhood, nonlinear narrative, unreliable narrators, flashback, film noir, German expressionism, a few Simpsons episodes, knowing a film without ever having seen it, history repeating, the obvious parallels with Kane and Donald Trump, the entire plot of The Third Man, and of course Rosebud.
So hug your local billionaire and hit play for an in depth Citizen Kane film analysis!

(Special Guest: Seattle Sucks)
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