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We are the Dead Beat Film Society. Every meeting someone picks an important film. We all watch the film then meet back up to discuss it. Along with a discussion of why the film is important, we analyze the film making, acting, directing, and discuss our personal thoughts and opinions.
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Dec 24, 2018

Happy X-Mas (Year is over)!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society for a special Christmas episode talking Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, classic song and dance musicals, postwar America, romanticizing the military, Vera Ellen's (possible) eating disorder, Edith Head's incredible costumes, fragile masculinity, sisters, a Christmas film with a sever lack of Christmas in it, racism of the minstrel show, modern dance, our favorite Christmas songs, and of course wacky misunderstandings.
So trim the tree, pour another mug of eggnog and hit play for an in depth White Christmas film analysis!

(Special Guest: Pixie Bomber)


Dec 10, 2018

Why so serious?!
Join the DBFS as we talk (in a comically deep gravelly voice) about comics, superhero movies, Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, Heath Ledger's legacy, The Joker, some political science, Alan Moore, anarchy as a political ideology, Jeff Bezos, Iron Maiden, Tim Burton, shark repellent, the best sequels of all time, the typical third act problem, the evil inside everyone, placing trust in the system, democracy, insanity, method acting, DC vs. Marvel, and dare to ask the question: Is Batman a fascist?
So light the bat signal and hit play for an in depth The Dark Knight film analysis!

(Special Guest: Seattle Artifacts)
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Nov 26, 2018

Bonjour deadbeats!
Join the DBFS as talk about our formative years, weird things that make us really happy, short bang haircuts, Audrey Tautou, vintage details, hipster culture, playing pranks, all white guys look the same, realizing what truly makes you happy, helping other people, romance, photo booths, the delightful french soundtrack, foreign film food vs. american film food, manic pixie dream girl, red and green color theory, understanding introverts, and quaint vintage cheese grinders!
So slide your fingers into a fresh bag of lentils and hit play for an in depth Amelie film analysis!

(Special Guest: Your Last Meal)
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Nov 12, 2018

Lemme ask you a question: red pill or blue pill?
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss Keanu Reeves, hacking the planet, Y2K, the trenchcoat mafia, liberal and conservative politics, red pill, tiny sunglasses, conspiracy theories, bullet time, wire-fu, CGI, cyberpunk, the Wachowski's, Christian allegory, transgender stories, the terrible sequels, robot overlords, juicy steaks, philosophy, psychology, religion and Will Smith!
So plug in for an in depth The Matrix film analysis!

(Special Guest: That's Weird)
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Oct 29, 2018

More like Swoon-light!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we get romantic again talking coming of age films, getting bullied, sandy handjobs, toxic masculinity, growing up gay, finding out who you really are, the other F-word, debate if grills look cute, color theory, Janelle Monae killing the game, Naomi Harris getting robbed of the Oscar, and who's the sexiest: Mahershala Ali or Trevante Rhodes?
Smash that play button for an in depth Moonlight film analysis!

(Special Guest: He Said He Said)
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Oct 15, 2018

Lemme ask you a question: Gotta rocket in your pocket?
Join the DBFS as we sing and dance our way through a broadway classic talking New York street gangs, what it means to be an American, a shocking amount of racism, brownface, Romeo and Juliet remakes, the transition from the Broadway stage to film, cinematography, Leonard Bernstein, Rita Moreno, the insanely mysterious death of Natalie Wood (*cough* Christopher Walken *cough*), talking trash on Stephen Sondheim, dance fights, snapping in unison, and white people may hate brown people but everybody hates the cops!
So play it cool boy and stab that play button for an in depth West Side Story film analysis!

(Special Guest: Sister Gina)


Oct 1, 2018

What about that cow play tho?!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we talk romance, Generation X, long conversations, 1990's Ethan Hawke, ignorant Americans, french girls being french, chance encounters, first dates, love at first sight, living in the moment, the incredible dialogue of Richard Linklater, unplugging from technology and how Facebook basically would ruin this movie.
So get off the train and hit play for an in depth Before Sunrise film analysis!

(Special Guest: Seattle Serendipity)
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Sep 17, 2018

The times they are a changin'!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss another Coen Brothers masterpiece, Cormac McCarthy, existentialism, nihilism, trusting to fate, depression, cold blooded killers, Prince Valient haircuts, the post-cowboy western film, older generations feeling out of touch, and get into a mexican standoff over the true message of the film.
So flip a coin and hit play for an in depth No Country For Old Men film analysis!

(Special Guest: Matt the Producer)


Sep 3, 2018

Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you probly make a podcast!
Join the DBFS as we talk the history of Korean cinema, Park Chan-Wook, cult films, what disturbs us most, getting revenge, incest, Hitchcockian color theory, fighting a room full of guys with just a hammer, hypnotism, the dated look of movies from the early 2000's, and run through some fan theories trying to understand what it all means.
So bite into a live octopus and hit play for an in depth Oldboy film analysis!

(Special Guest: Cindy)

Aug 28, 2018

More like Return of the Death Star!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we celebrate two years of podcasting finalizing the original Star Wars trilogy talking George Lucas filling the movie with toys, Jabba the Hutt, Slave Leia, Luke Skywalker's dark side, all the burps, the death of Yoda, love for the Ewoks, the Wilhelm scream, force ghosts came to party, awful fans, revenge movies, and finally get closure with our daddy issues.
Complete your destiny with an in depth Return of the Jedi film analysis!

(Special Guest: Casey Buxton)

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Aug 6, 2018

Who wears short shorts!?
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss 3 short films starting with sploodge in the moon's eye, Georges Méliès descent into poverty, piracy, Thomas Edison, colonization, and the birth of sci-fi then on to slice an eyeball open, Old Anty Hands, Salvador Dalí, Luis Buñuel, masculinity, power, surrealism, the unconcious mind and armpit hair, and finally a hodge podge of egyptian mythology, the occult, sex magic, Kenneth Anger, Aleister Crowley, Bobby Beausoleil and the Manson Family, satanism, queer cinema, and good butts!
Smash that play button for an in depth A Trip to the Moon, Un Chien Andalou & Lucifer Rising film analysis!
(Special Guest: Ex Rated Movies)
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Jul 23, 2018
Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be podcasters!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we run through the history of the western film genre, spaghetti westerns, Sergio Leone, Ennio Marcone's genius soundtrack, bloods and crips, vigilante justice, Clint Eastwood's mouth full of tiny rat teeth, the ethics of killing bad guys, the origins of the anti-hero and ask the question: Why are the dollars so big?
Shoot for the heart for an in depth A Fistful of Dollars film analysis!
(Special Guest: Kelsey Melville)
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Jul 9, 2018
But like is she pretty in pink?
Join the DBFS as we discuss 80's fashion, new wave music, John Hughes, Molly Ringwald & Andrew McCarthy's accessibility, James Spader's beauty, Duckie's sexual orientation, rich kids vs. poor kids, the complications of love, swap prom stories, the friendzone, and the alternate ending!
Throw on a volcanic ensemble and hit play for an in depth Pretty In Pink film analysis!
(Special Guest: Mike Hipple author of '80's Redux')
Jun 25, 2018

Live fast, die young!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss skate culture, the male gaze turned on shirtless boys, AIDS, the tragedy of wayward youth, Chloe Sevigny, Rosario Dawson, the brilliant Harmony Korine,
the possibly sketchy 50 year old Larry Clark, SUPREME, the old gritty New York, pre-internet summer boredom, we question why we liked this film when we were younger, and read some quality 1-star Amazon reviews.
So take off your shirt, crack open a warm 40 and smash that play button for an in depth Kids film analysis!
(Special Guest: Not Most People)
Go checkout Not Most People on youtube for epic videos and interviews!

Jun 12, 2018
To infinity and beyond!
Join the DBFS as we discuss the legacy of Buzz and Woody, talking toys, kids movies for adults, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, a brief history of animation, representation, the problems with Pixar, the sequels, the psychological state of Sid, and way way way overthink what the movie is really about with an in depth Toy Story film analysis!
(Special Guest: Essentially Erynne)
Go checkout the Essentially Erynne blog for more film reviews and her journey living an honest authentic life!
May 29, 2018
All she wanted was a Pepsi!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we talk the tragic life of Frances Farmer, lobotomy, mental institutions, female centered films, old Seattle, Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love, strong willed women, alcoholism, the obligation of truth in biopics, surviving the Hollywood machine, mother-daughter relationships, comparing Jessica Lange's 1982 performances, and (obviously) smashing the patriarchy with an in depth Frances film analysis!
(Special Guest: Vanishing Seattle)
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May 14, 2018
Hell Bent for Leather!
Join the DBFS as we reminisce on a bygone era of heavy metal, Judas Priest, big hair, Zebraman, Graham of Dope, 13 year old girlfriends, day drinking, tailgating, heshers, growing up in a subculture, the legend of the bootleg VHS tape, the different subgenres of heavy metal, Rob Halford coming out, leather and studs, and the Filthy 15!
Bang your head for an in depth Heavy Metal Parking Lot film analysis!
(Special Guest: Timmy & Matt the Producer)
Apr 30, 2018
Top 5 DBFS podcast episodes to listen to on a rainy Monday!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we list off our top 5 breakups with John Cusack, Belle & Sebastian, the bestselling Nick Hornby book, Lisa Bonet's tragic outfit, Jack Black can sing, blaming other people for your problems, the Kinky Wizards, making mixtapes, how to date a man-child, and we reminisce on our time wasted hanging out in record stores!
Flip on the hi-fi and drop the needle for an in depth High Fidelity film analysis!
(Special Guest: Free Witch Victoria)
Apr 16, 2018
May the odds be ever in your favor!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss Suzanne Collins best selling young adult novel, feminist hero Katniss Everdeen, damsel in distress Peeta, bonkers costumes, Jennifer Lawrence, Lenny Kravitz, the politics of keeping poor people down, kids killing kids, sexism and racism of internet trolls, representation in film, bad CGI, and review our own chances of survival with an in depth The Hunger Games film analysis!
(Special Guest: Tim Hall The Peoples Critic)
Check out The People's Critic for more great movie reviews!
Apr 2, 2018
Let's be honest, Kansas sucks!
Join the DBFS as we discuss the troubled production of bringing L. Frank Baum to screen, 5 directors, the magic of early special effects, Judy Garland as queer icon, the tragic sadness of her off screen life, somewhere over the rainbow, Toto's salary, deadly makeup, and lions and tigers and bears, oh my! 
Follow the yellow brick road for an in depth The Wizard Of Oz film analysis!
(Special Guest: Pennsylvania Pat)
Mar 19, 2018
We return to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we discuss the best Star Wars film, the hero's journey of Luke Skywalker, the relationship between Han Solo and Princess Leia, Yoda the Muppet, the "Oh shit they found us!" plot line, George Lucas as manager not director, fanboys, toy collecting, special effects, chopping off limbs, and we disagree on a lot but all agree that Lando is the coolest!
So hit play ya' scruffy-looking nerf herders for an in depth Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back film analysis!
(Special Guest: Timmy & Adam)
Mar 5, 2018
I'm beginning to doubt your dedication to Sparkle Motion!
Join the DBFS as we go down the rabbithole talking time travel, chaos theory, alternate universes, giant evil bunnies, Jake Gyllenhaal, 80's new wave, the end of the world, frantic cult fandom, predestination, original vs. director's cut, Grandma Death, mental illness as a link to a higher power, and the rise of internet marketing with an in depth Donnie Darko film analysis!
(Special Guest: Stefanie Idolatre)
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Feb 19, 2018
More like 12 Sweaty Men!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we get a lesson on the American justice system talking the right way to stab with a switchblade, Henry Fonda, Piglet, presumption of innocence, guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, jury nullification, ageism, the nature of facts, we agree that jury duty sucks, and conservative politics in film with an in depth 12 Angry Men film analysis!
(Special Guest: The Feminist Furies)
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Feb 5, 2018
We're not a regular podcast, we're a cool podcast!
Join the DBFS as we get emotional about high school, the rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan, on Wednesdays we wear pink, Kalteen Bars, a seat at the table, I’m a mouse duh, the connection with gay men, you could try Sears, gossip, that’s why her hair is so big it’s full of secrets, the burn book, she doesn’t even go here!, Tina Fey, being true to yourself, and a few quotes from the movie...just a few!
You don't have to wait till October 3rd for an in depth Mean Girls film analysis!
(Special Guest: Gay Takeover)
Jan 22, 2018
Aw jeez the heck do ya mean?!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we tackle our first Coen brothers film talking goofy accents, Minnesota Nice, living in cold weather, feminism, toxic masculinity, Francis McDormand, the comedy of Steve Buscemi in a woodchipper, the 3-cent stamp, what constitutes a beautiful day, and the meaning of Mike Yanagita with an in depth Fargo film analysis!
(Special Guest: Travis & Kevin of Conversation Pieces)
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