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We are the Dead Beat Film Society. Every meeting someone picks an important film. We all watch the film then meet back up to discuss it. Along with a discussion of why the film is important, we analyze the film making, acting, directing, and discuss our personal thoughts and opinions.
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Mar 28, 2017
Lemme ask you a question: Is Goldfinger the same person as Donald Trump?
Come celebrate a happy birthday to Double-O Kevin as we talk James Bond, Sean Connery, masculinity & misogyny, testosterone & hairpieces, Pussy Galore, the ol' fake elevator trick, the magical penis, Austin Powers, gadgets, guns, girls, golf and gold with an in depth Goldfinger film analysis!
(Special Guest: Off The Mark Aaron)
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See Oddjob control his karate chopping coughs with Vick's Formula 44 (now non-narcotic!)
Mar 8, 2017
Go see Get Out in theaters now!
Join the DBFS as we try to wash the bad taste of the last episode out of our mouth by talking Jordan Peele, hit and runs, freaky sex cults, spoilers, the sunken place, offending white people, spoilers, horror classics, TSA, spoilers, hypnosis, staying woke, voting for Obama a third time, and as a disclaimer there will be spoilers!
Let's see if a brand new film can be considered an important cinema classic with an in depth Get Out film analysis!
(Special Guest: Matt the Producer)
Mar 1, 2017
A 3-hour silent film about the Ku Klux Klan? Sign me up!
Join the Dead Beat Film Society as we suffer through the delusional vision of D.W. Griffith discussing lighthearted topics such as fake news, blackface, carpetbaggers, Lillian Gish, Donald Trump, the Civil War, Gene Simmons, racism in the modern world, cinema history, and asking the question "Seriously, bro? How do you not know this is racist?"
Brace yourself for an in depth The Birth Of A Nation film analysis!
(Special Guest: Not Racist Carlo)
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